The World of Askanir

Askanir is an ancient world, but also a primeval one. Giant, reptiloid creatures, called Saurids, are used as mounts and beasts of burden. Monsters roam the wilderness – and most of the world is wilderness.

Civilization is ancient, with thousands of years of cultural dominance of the Empire. But the Empire has been shattered, and its successors in the north and south have fallen beneath the hammer of a terrible plague.

But there are even more ancient remnants of culture, those of the legendary Runemansters, the creators of life, and their first creations, Snakefolk. But those ruins are dangerous, filled with traps, monsters and secrets no mortal should possess.

Only three species now live on Askanir. Humans being the most numerous, the founders of the Empire and those that suffered the most.

Giantkin descend form the Giants of ancient times, suffering from a curse that made them shrink in size, they are strong but wise.

The Winged were created last, protectors for the Legacy of the Runemasters. Shunned by humankind, they withdrew, led by their cold logic, to the windswept island of Guthland in the north.