Welcome to a world of grim adventure

The world of Askanir lies in ruins. The Empire has fallen, most of its people have died in a terrible plague, and the survivors have to face a world full of dangers.

These are desperate times, but also times for great heroes, daring deeds and wild adventures…

Legacy of the Runemasters (LotR for short), is a setting for LevelUp!, Advanced 5th edition roleplay. But it is not your usual everything-goes setting. It is a low-magic world, with a very dark streak. It is a points-of-light type of setting, where a lot of unexplored and dangerous wilderness lies between a few safe havens.

And, most important, it is a world without gods. While its inhabitants may pray to their ancestors or the mystical First Emperor, there is none answering their prayers.

While it is still in developement, it already features 2 new Heritages, 6 new Cultures, 3 new Backgrounds, 4 original Adventuring Classes, 12 new Archetypes, a new Combat Tradition and 19 new spells.

Originally, LotR was designed for the 5th Edition of „the world’s greates roleplaying game“ – but with the OGL-scandal instated by WotC, we have changed this. Fortunately, converting the custom classes and heritages was no big deal.