Looking for Alternatives

Normally, I buy miniatures from the usual stores. The minis are either metal or plastic, mass produced by different companies.

But ever since I began to build armies for SAGA, I was looking for smaller companies, more exclusive models. Now, with a 3D-Printer, my search algorythm changed again.

I know about Etsy as a platform for small makers and companies for a while now, and so I thought, why not look over there? And lo and behold! I found some great things!

My first order went out to Poland, to a company named MiniaturesForge. They have really great looking renders of the models online, so I took the dive and ordered some.

And here they are (lacking the Rakshasa still sitting on my painting table) – a toadwarrior, a lich, a lizardmen archer and a sahuagin.

Yes, they are 3D printed. Yes, they are made of resin. And yes, the do indeed look that great!

The piece of ruins came off my da Vinci, by the way. 😉

Just to give you some scaling, here’s a Reaper dark-elf for size-comparison.

And the price? 4,50 € for a human-sized model sounds rather appealing, doesn’t it?

The catch? It takes about 4 weeks to get them made – so best order more at once…

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