Building those trees

Trees are one of those things, every wargamer has in their terrain-box. Sometimes trees (and woods) are even the only pieces of terrain for a gaming table available.

Trees for model-railways are the go-tos for easy forest-building. But trees made from wire and flock are also often used.

For the scale of 28 mm wargaming, those trees suffice. Yes, there’s always a better way, but using high-quality model-trees makes for excellent wargaming forests.

For my RPG battlemaps, I wanted something a bit different. Something invoking a certain mood – and so I printed some trees on my 3D printer.

Using files from, I scaled the trunks to not only get different forms, but also different sized trees.

They were then sprayed with spray filler, then primed.

Painting them in different base colours, we now get three different trees.

After that, some washes make the shadows deeper and give them more contrasts.

Next step: printing the canopies. I wanted some autumn colours for those trees, so I used red and yellow for the leaves (and one green).

After using wash, I drybrushed them to get some highlights.

I then put the canopies on the trunks, using superglue (and some activator spray to cure it faster).

After fixing the paints with matte clear varnish, I added some flock to the bases, and violá, we have trees ready for the gaming table.

As with all things 3D printing, it took quite some time to get all the parts printed. But in the end, I’m rather happy with how they turned out.

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