Entering Humblewood

Vacations in our gaming group will make it necessary to pause the ongoing D&D campaign for a while. So, I decided to plan a shorter campaign for a smaller group, even a 1 on 1.

While planning something in my homebrew setting, I changed my mind and gave Humblewood a new chance. I have had the book for a while now, loving the artwork, but never really bothering to read the campaign. I admit, I was disliking the notion of playing plushies…

But now, reading into the campaign, I think the artwork is just plain wrong. It is great, don’t get me wrong, but it transports the wrong images.

Humblewood is not nice. Not a cuddly world of plushies. It’s the nice facade for a discriminating, even racist, regìme of feathered folk that tries to keep the grounded, furred people down. And it takes a common foe to get those two groups to finally work together.

Understanding this, I started to prepare for the campaign – as usual, by getting minis ready. I’ve bought the bird- and the humblefolk minis already, but they depict only characters in the book.

So, next step was making PCs and NPCs.

This is the first encounter of the campaign – a gang of highway-robbers. Three Mapach (racoon) thugs and a Vulpine (fox) captain.

To the left, our brave heroes: a squirrel fighter (Jebeen), an ural owl (Stout Strig) ranger, and a wolverine (Mapach) druid as a sidekick.

The squirrel, wolverine and fox were designed in HeroForge. Racoons and owl were designed by Duncan Shadow on MyMiniFactory. Everything is 3D printed on my Creality.

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