Heroes & Villains

After changing the LCD-Display on my Creality, the printer is working fine again – and it got quite some work to do, as I’m leaving on vacation soon and am in need of miniatures to paint when not hiking around or photographing wildlife.

But it also has provided me with some heroes and villains for future D&D adeventures.

Like my new character in our weekend-group (which goes into summer-break) – Nemmonis Drafarn, a Dragonborn Warlock, who has a pact with The Raven Queen,


The mini has been designed with HeroForge, and printed on my Creality.

Like my new character for a planned 1 on 1 during summer-break. Asvald Skorkegaard, a human sorceror with the reincarnated soul of a legendary warrior – and the silver sword of said warrior.

The archvillain the group has created over the last sessions also deserved a miniature. Arnessa, former fallen druid, now an Avatar of Carrion.

She’s lost some weight…

From the Kickstarter „Dangerous Monsters“ come two of my favourite creatures (I wouldn’t call them „monsters“).

The Owlbear and the Hippogriffon.


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