Printing the Dungeon

For a long time, I didn’t want to own a 3D printer. Too expensive, too loud, too slow. And, after all, I could build almost everything by hand, using styrofoam and a hotwire cutter.

But now, 3D printing has become affordable, the printers smaller and less complicated to assemble. So, finally, I took the plunge and bought a da Vinci Nano, a very small entry level 3D printer.

OK, there were some troubles at the start, and printing is still slow, but at least the things that come out of the little printer, look quite good. And as to the noise – it’s bearable.

So, starting off small, I began by printing tables and chairs for my 13th Age group – and then I found the Dungeon Sticks.

While most Dungeon building systems have floor tiles and interlocking walls, the Dungeo Sticks consist of walls that can be connected to form rooms and hallways.

Long story short, my Nano is printing more and more dungeon walls for our next dungeoncrawl in 13th Age…

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