Working Resume

I’ve been lazy with adding content here, I admit. But I’ve not been so lazy with building and painting things.

Covid gets more and more depressing, with spring seeming to be on hold (we’ve actually had short snow-storms here in Vienna for the last days!). Not much motivation to go outside, anyhow…

So, the big build first. I’ve built the Temple of Lada, in Stjepanstoren, for my D&D campaign. Lada is the godess of love, dawn and light (taken from the old Slavic pantheon).


The whole thing is built from foam – the roof is removable, held in place by four magnets.

As you can see, the interior is fully playable – complete with altar and sacral pictures on the walls.

I wanted the temple to look like it had been worked on oin times after the initial building, so there’s a newer wall, making the temple room smaller and providing another room for patients requiring healing.

The second build is Baba Yaga’s hut. It is more of a potential foe, so no playable interior. Built from foam, with 3D printed chicken legs.


Finally, I’ve used another Printable Scenery project to build the caravan our PCs are using. It’s the wagon of our ‚manager‘ Franzisco, and pulled by ‚Mylady‘.

Attacks on the campsite are now staged with proper props.

Of course, there’s also quite some miniatures painted.

The next project will be a modular dungeon, as the group is headed to one. Printing didn’t work out, I have to say, so I’ll try by doing it in foam.

I finish with the picture of the ghost that almost got the group killed. 😀

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