Printing Miniatures

After entering 3D printing, I looked into printing miniatures – and soon discovered, that a different kind of printer would be necessary. Resin printing seemed too much hassle, though. Too much chemicals, too much effort in cleaning and hardening…

But then I did some more research, and stumbled upon the Creality LD002R, an entry-level resin printer with filters dedicated for indoor printing.

I took the plunge, ordered the printer together with the Elegoo water washable resin and a cheap nail lamp for UV hardening.

It was a lot easier than I had thought. The first prints came off the printer:

With these first minis, I had some different sizes and models to paint. And after painting them up, they look like this:

The barbarian is a model I created with ANVL and bought the STL. The rest of the models come from Thingiverse.

I’m really pleased with how they came out, and so I did two bigger models – a Hippogriff and a Basilisk.

Resin printing opens up new possibilities. You can produce models you won’t find with any of the big companies.

Better printers produce better minis – this should be clear. So if you want minis with crips lines and the smallest details visible, you either have to invest in a 4k printer, or buy them from professional printers.

But if you need to produce single individual models for RPGs or as heroes in a unit for a wargame, resin printing may be a good solution.

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