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Entering Humblewood

Vacations in our gaming group will make it necessary to pause the ongoing D&D campaign for a while. So, I decided to plan a shorter campaign for a smaller group, even a 1 on 1.

While planning something in my homebrew setting, I changed my mind and gave Humblewood a new chance. I have had the book for a while now, loving the artwork, but never really bothering to read the campaign. I admit, I was disliking the notion of playing plushies…

But now, reading into the campaign, I think the artwork is just plain wrong. It is great, don’t get me wrong, but it transports the wrong images.

Humblewood is not nice. Not a cuddly world of plushies...

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Heroes & Villains

After changing the LCD-Display on my Creality, the printer is working fine again – and it got quite some work to do, as I’m leaving on vacation soon and am in need of miniatures to paint when not hiking around or photographing wildlife.

But it also has provided me with some heroes and villains for future D&D adeventures.

Like my new character in our weekend-group (which goes into summer-break) – Nemmonis Drafarn, a Dragonborn Warlock, who has a pact with The Raven Queen,


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A Battle Board for D&D

So, we finally switched to D&D 5e – with some house rules taken over from 13th Age (like the Escalation Die, Distances, etc.). What can I say, it works just fine.

But after playing RPGs with theatre of the mind for years, D&D seems to just call for miniatures – and I’ve got that covered, oh yes, I do.

But when it comes to miniatures, the next thing are Battle Mats. For those using a grid, they are essential to measure distance. To me, I just need a base on which to draw walls or place actual terrain pieces.

I use some books with battle mats, on which I can draw with a dry eraser pen, but it just doesn’t look the part.

So, I build myself a Battle Board.

Its made up of two parts, each built from 10 x 10 x 2 cm sq...

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Printing the Dungeon

For a long time, I didn’t want to own a 3D printer. Too expensive, too loud, too slow. And, after all, I could build almost everything by hand, using styrofoam and a hotwire cutter.

But now, 3D printing has become affordable, the printers smaller and less complicated to assemble. So, finally, I took the plunge and bought a da Vinci Nano, a very small entry level 3D printer.

OK, there were some troubles at the start, and printing is still slow, but at least the things that come out of the little printer, look quite good. And as to the noise – it’s bearable.

So, starting off small, I began by printing tables and chairs for my 13th Age group – and then I found the Dungeon Sticks.

While most Dungeon building systems have floor tiles and interlocking walls, the Dungeo Sticks consist of walls t...

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Tabletop World – Houses for Professionals

Tabletop World is known for their high-detail 28 mm houses. But those high-quality resin models are not cheap.

So, this is what you get:

Every building has a detachable roof and a fully modelled interior. It’s therefore useable with any kind of wargame or your RPG system (as long as you use miniatures with it).

When it comes to painting, be prepared to spend quite some time, discovering ever more details in the process. Depending on your level of skill and motivation, you might finally come up with something like this:

So, are those models worth their price? Quite so.

Do you need them? Probably, yes.

Will I get more of them? Definitely, yes.

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