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Painting Basics

There are a lot of painting guides available, from written ones to videos. Still, every painter has their own way of doing things, and I’m no different.

But let’s get in medias res, with two models from Wizkids.

First step is the base-coat. I’m usually using a color that is slightly lighter than the tone I want to achieve. As you can see, I’m using with a LED-magnifying glass to make out the small details.

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Looking for Alternatives

Normally, I buy miniatures from the usual stores. The minis are either metal or plastic, mass produced by different companies.

But ever since I began to build armies for SAGA, I was looking for smaller companies, more exclusive models. Now, with a 3D-Printer, my search algorythm changed again.

I know about Etsy as a platform for small makers and companies for a while now, and so I thought, why not look over there? And lo and behold! I found some great things!

My first order went out to Poland, to a company named MiniaturesForge. They have really great looking renders of the models online, so I took the dive and ordered some.

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Building those trees

Trees are one of those things, every wargamer has in their terrain-box. Sometimes trees (and woods) are even the only pieces of terrain for a gaming table available.

Trees for model-railways are the go-tos for easy forest-building. But trees made from wire and flock are also often used.

For the scale of 28 mm wargaming, those trees suffice. Yes, there’s always a better way, but using high-quality model-trees makes for excellent wargaming forests.

For my RPG battlemaps, I wanted something a bit different. Something invoking a certain mood – and so I printed some trees on my 3D printer.

Using files from, I scaled the trunks to not only get different forms, but also different sized trees.

They were the...

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